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We are making progress.

We are making progress.

It seems that moving your studio, packing and unpacking the whole shebang, doesn't take the three days that you thought it would. It takes considerably longer.

Two contemporary art dolls by Fig and Me. 

You might not be aware that I happened a new place to do my sewing from. While I do most of my hand-sewing at home, and that's where I keep my books and knitting needles, I did have a designated place to work out of. Well, lo and behold, I found one with two pretty windows, lots of light and no carpet. Heaven you said?.

Pia, a contemporary art doll by Fig and Me. 

So, what I was trying to say, is…that packing all those bits of fabric (so hard to part with them, I carry them everywhere, my little snippets of dolls departed…), all those balls of yarn (the ones for mushrooms, the ones for cardigans, the ones for shoes, the ones for hair…) and all those trusty tools…well, it took way longer than I thought. 

I am still not done. Not to the point where I can show YOU.

And it has been a bit of a struggle because trying to find the lovely bundles of fabrics Pia (the curly haired lass) and Aoki (the lovely asian lady) had chosen…it has been something lie this:

— Where did we put the lovely mint jersey for your dress Aoki? and the pink tulle for your ruffles?

—Dear Lord, where is the thick mustard, hard-wearing stuff, that we picked for your trousers Pia? Where did we put it?

—Wouldn't have been a bit more practical to keep all the bits together? Why on earth did we split those bundles?

—No, no Aoki, those fabrics are not for you. You are not wearing grey and red plaid, no, no. 

— Pia, take your hands out of those ribbons you silly girl. You don't even let me brush your hair, what are you going to do with hair ribbons?

Pia and Aoki, two natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me. 

It has been a little bit challenging, but we are making progress. Half-way through with Pia's cardigan, knitted shoes for Aoki already. One wears pants, the other one frilly dresses. They are not sisters these two, more like cousins. 

Aoki has been in the works for what feels an eternity (her mother would know, she is a custom doll) and Pia was inspired by a more recent dream and watching the movie "Swallows and Amazons". I don't know why, but I find movies depicting children of bygone eras very inspiring. 

Both dollies are made with my Little Fig pattern, so they measure roughly between 15" and 16" tall. I do see Pia much younger than Aoki for some reason. Such a particular dollmaker.

Aoki, a natural doll by Fig and Me. 

Aoki, getting some vitamin D. By Fig and Me. 

Those chubby legs with bumpy knees, via Fig and Me. 

I'm trying very hard to be unbiased about my work as of late, but I think I am actually making dolls to my highest standards. Technically speaking, they are just stuffed with such evenness and also with ease, like I have reached a certain level of comfortableness with stuffing that I know for a fact wasn't there in previous years. I also know that the next doll I make I am going to suffer and have to swallow my words. Such is life.

I also feel such communion with my latest dolls, like they know me. They come out of the fabric very effortlessly. Not their faces though, those need to be called out from the wool with fanfare, teasing, bribery and sometimes an expletive or two.

It's like my hands have "graduated" and now grabbing that thread and pulling that wool is an activity my hands know with raw instinct. I can slowly feel their need for a challenge but I do have to accept that reaching this point in my dollmaking path feels SO good. Like…almost…like I know what I am doing! hehehehe.

Pia, the bear. By Fig and Me. 

Sweet Pia, a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. 

Little Pia, a natural cloth art doll by Fig and Me. 

While Aoki is waiting on her big sister to make up her mind, Pia will be looking for a home real quick. Once we find all the little tidbits of her wardrobe, and once she comes to her senses and understands that she can't go about in her birthday suit all over the place. Perish the thought!.

Little Aoki, a custom doll by Fig and Me. 

It's been a while since I have actually made dolls in this pattern, so it feels rather refreshing. One of the "pluses" of having umpteen patterns! By the time you get back to where you started it's like love-at-first-sight. Going from Mannikin, to Figlette, to Petite Fig, to Mini Fig, to Little Baby and now to Little Fig. I wonder who is next? I do feel itchy hands to make some Wee Babies and some Rumbly Tumblies. But I digress. 

I hope these silly girls brightened your start of the week, and if you are on the look for a crazy, slightly grumpy 4 year old doll, Pia will be just the ticket. More soon!.

Pia, the bear. A natural fiber art doll ready to play.

Pia, the bear. A natural fiber art doll ready to play.

My Fall Manifesto.

My Fall Manifesto.