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Having two girls myself always makes me itchy to make dolls in sets. I feel a bit meanie to make individual dolls, we certainly have more fun when they come in pairs.

Winter to the left, and Mori to the right. Two natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me.

These two wooly souls were having too much fun playing by themselves that they had zero interest in getting finished or dressed. We thought they would be October girls, but then November came and here we are. December already!.

Winter reminds me so much of Marushka, perhaps because her hair is the same as her much older sister. Mori somehow reminds me of Little Beau. Although she has different eye colour and no freckles, must be the hair too.

And yes, I have kept the locks that I used on Marushka all these years. I feel a special connection to certain materials and only when the doll really wants them do I give them up. I am so happy Winter decided this was to be her hair because she just looks adorable in my opinion.

Winter and Mori enjoying a sunny day. Their knitted hats are made of super soft and chunky yarns, our favourites! Dolls made by Fig and Me. 

Winter wearing her fantastic knitted topper. By Fig and Me.

Mori, with those gorgeous super long wool locks (hand dyed with apple bark and leaves!) and her cozy knitted topper. Handmade art doll by Fig and Me.

These two ladies are made in my Petite Fig pattern, they are a little bit over 19" tall but not quite 20". They are very slender, playful and they love to be outside.

They will be looking for a home tomorrow or the day after, so keep your eyes peeled if one of them has stolen your heart. As you can surely tell by now they have very different personalities but we will come and tell you so much more about them soon.

Winter and her sister Mori are two natural fiber art dolls by Fig and Me. #dollmaking #artdolls #knittingfordolls

Winter and Mori, two natural fiber art dolls ready to play.

Winter and Mori, two natural fiber art dolls ready to play.

When the root babies wake up.

When the root babies wake up.