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Little Beau

Beau wakes up with a heavy sigh. As she looks outside her window she knows the kind of day that is upon us. Not rain again! I wanted to go for a swim to the lake, and I know she is not going to let me. Some weird mexican superstition about thunder and water and what not. Crazy mexican. I so wanted to swim today; I spent all day yesterday, making plans and packing up my swim bag and all for this. Clouds go away! 


I just know what she is going to say if I even suggest it, so I won't bother. What a mess! Oh well, I better get on with my day I suppose. I wonder what she is going to get me to do today? Dust the cupboard? Re-arrange the felt packets? Tidy up the ribbons? All busy-busy work I am sure, nothing of substance. She never lets me use the sewing machine. Something she said about my wool-filled fingers and nasty presser feet. I don't believe it. She just doesn't want to share. That mexican. 

I do love her, don't get me wrong. She can be stubborn, but so am I. I asked for the most massive amount of gathers in my dress and short of cartridge-pleating the whole thing she made me my dress, just the way I wanted it. I love polka dots and little flowers, and of course, who has something against cherries and bows? Not I, said the fly. She is nice, that woman who made me, but she doesn't let me do much and I am getting restless here. 

I know I shouldn't complain at all. If it wasn't for the fact that I asked for more clothes I would already be home. By the ocean! I can't wait to meet the Pacific, I am so excited I can hardly wait. I did want to bring a few more outfits so that my new family had a bit more fun playing with me. I hear they are all very nice people, with open hearts and a love for the ocean, just like me. I supposed I was going to need something a bit more appropriate for play dates and so I asked my dollsmith to make a set of play clothes. My request was: I want it to be pretty, but not overly girly; I want it to feel nice and let me move my arms to go on the monkey bars, but I also want to look cute; I want to wear pants so I can go down the slide without burning my butt, but the pants have to have flowers because they are just so pretty and you can't go wrong with flowers. So this is what she made me! Isn't she nice? That mexican. 

And seeing that I am going to live on an island, well of course I am going to need a swimsuit! I don't know what she was thinking just making me one dress. That mexican. But it had to be a pretty swimsuit, none of those modern awful ones with neon colours and material that clings to your body. None of that for me. Her girls can wear those things, I wanted something cute but proper. I asked for some ruffles perhaps and she was so accomodating! That mexican. 

But darn it, I do want to go to the lake today. And I won't get to, and I am kind of cranky and enough is enough. I am packing my bags today, and I am saying good-bye to this awful weather and going to meet my loving ocean. I am going to hear the waves and go camping with my new family. I am going to be tucked at night by the trees, and the love of my Mom. And I am going to be happy forever and never get cranky again...until I don't get what I want that is. Well, maybe some days I can be nice even if I don't get what I want. But not today. Today I am packing my bags and I am going home tomorrow. I've said my piece. Good-bye Mexican. 

Miss Beau, or Bo as she calls herself, is an 18" tall Figlette that I made as a custom order. As you have read, she is more than ready to meet her Mom, and is getting homesick over here. I could go on and on about her, but I think that by looking at her face and seeing what I made for her, you pretty much get the picture of what I feel about her. Love sometimes is a small word, especially for That Mexican. Thank you to Bo's mom for giving me the chance to experiment, grow and learn; I will be forever grateful. Seeing her come out of my hands was a true honour and I hope she brings you even a little bit of the joy I feel whilst making her. Happy Sunday everybody!

Are you a princess?

We went camping

We went camping