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Gold earrings? Absolutely not. Your mother requested you to wear something silver. Yes, I know, but we ought to listen a little to what she says, shouldn't we? Yes, I know, but I am sure the little pair I have for you is just going to make your heart a-flutter. You will see. 

Frida is a 21" custom figlette who is almost ready to don her fabulous mexican wardrobe. From trim, to vintage buttons, to braided cord and Liberty fabric, to pretty linen and hand dyed yarns...everything was supplied by her future mother as a trove of inspiration for me in order to create this doll for her. She even got me the most beautiful book, which depicts Frida Kahlo's wardrobe, called Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress. It is wonderful and so inspiring, full of close up details of embroidery and gathers. 

And while Frida won't be wearing velvet (heaven forbid, it is a 1,000 degrees outside) she does love flowers and ribbons on her hair, so please excuse me while I go and play with her. She should come and show you some clothes tomorrow, right?. 

The birth of a doll

A fruity pair.