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We went camping

We went camping

Last week we took a break and we went camping to Georgian Bay. I neglected to give an expedite report of this adventure, so this is me trying to make up for it. Nature replenishes my batteries and always, always, leaves me feeling happy and satiated.

My daughter and I totally believe this was a camouflaged fairy house, and that this was the chimney of their dwelling. Pretty tell-tale sign if you ask me!.

The wind swept cedars, the rocky shore, the ferns...everything was just breathtaking. And very humbling. There is just no greatest artist in this world than Mother Nature. No matter how much we try, how much we strive to accomplish a mirror of her beauty, she will always be better at it. Because she is the true artist, creating with sacred geometry and chaos, and giving life.

Treasures were collected. Batteries recharged. Meals enjoyed. Beaches combed. Rocky shores explored. Sand castles built. Smoky braids were kept. Fauna admired. Mosquitoes vilified. Wildflowers photographed. Marshmallows roasted between layers of life-suporting chocolate. 

I decided not to edit any of these images, to share them as I captured them, and to give a true report. I hope you enjoyed your visit, now if you'll excuse me, it is extremely hot today and I need to head down to the beach. Not to worry, I love to knit while my kids swim and play. I am going to call this summer: "The summer of the Shawl". More on that later.

Little Beau

Carlotta, a handmade natural doll