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The Wee Baby Deers of 2016.

The Wee Baby Deers of 2016.

My poor fellows! they stayed "under wraps" for so long, but their time to shine has come. May I present you some of the wee baby deers that just blushed for their photo?

Wee Baby deer, by Fig and Me.

As previously mentioned, I handed the torch of making Baby Deers to my mother and sister, however this last little batch was made by my mom and me. I wanted them to have something cozy to warm their little shoulders so I made them all a wee cape with some of my pretty yarns and used a simple wooden button for closure. Don't they look just so adorable with the addition of their capes? I do think so.

Wee Baby Deer, by Fig and Me.

Wee Baby Deer, by Fig and me.

As usual, these little ones are made with repurposed cashmere knit, stuffed with clean wool. Their little faces are sculpted and embroidered. Their antlers are made in crochet with wool yarn and so are all t heir little capes. They are little babies but are NOT recommended for babies. These dolls have a "safety zone" for children over 3 years of age who do not mouth their toys anymore. They measure about 8.5 inches tall and must be hand-washed and laid flat to dry. Don't worry about that, they come with a little card of care instructions.

Waldorf-inspired wee baby deer, a natural toy by Fig and Me.

Natural doll, waldorf inspired, by Fig and Me.

Wee baby deer, by Fig and Me.

I call them the "wee baby deers of 2016" because I am not quite sure there will be another batch this year. We are putting bunny ears, cat ears and all sorts of mischief on the next ones, and then there will be a break from making them over the summer and fall. By November I think there will be some reindeers and christmas elves, so I can't promise there will be more deers. If you happen to like these little wool-caped ladies, please pay them a visit in my store. They are available for purchase over here: Fig and Me Etsy store.

On other news, I have three rambunctious custom dolls in the studio, who are literally "bursting at the seams" to come and see their mother. And, I happen to have in good knowledge that March will be positively brilliant with dolls (if you are looking for one). I am even a little worried for your sanity - and mine. This month is going to be quite epic on so many fronts that I am going to have to take many, many deep breaths. But more of that in the coming newsletter and future blog posts. Enjoy your weekend my friends.

A master trio: three custom dolls for a dear friend.

A master trio: three custom dolls for a dear friend.

The feat of many hands.

The feat of many hands.