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Wee Wintry Babies

Wee Wintry Babies, by Fig and Me.

As promised yesterday, here is the post to adopt one of these little winter babies comment style. The thing is easy: enter your details in the form at bottom, pick only ONE you would like to bring home, only enter for yourself and not on behalf of others, if you got one in the sale this morning on Etsy please allow others their chance, make sure all your emails are correctly spelled, and wait for tomorrow morning when I will close the entries and select at random a family for each little rascal. 

These little Winter Wee Babies are made of repurposed cashmere, stuffed with clean wool. Their price is $135 USD plus postage (HST applies to Canadian residents with corresponding exchange rate). They are best recommended as toys for children 6+, the nature of the cashmere is only suitable for light play (except the black and white ones, that one is much thicker). Peruse the photos provided at leisure and let one of them speak close to you. They are all natural hand-washable toys. Here they come!

Wee Baby deer, by Fig and Me.

Wee Baby Deer by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby Deer by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby Deer by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby Deer by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby by Fig and Me. 

So remember, only one! Here is the form to fill up. If the form disappears once you submit your entry, it would mean it was entered successfully. But if you are unsure of it just let me  know and I will double check the spreadsheet to make sure your entry is there.


If all goes well, tomorrow Sunday November 23rd, I will close the entries at 9 AM EDT and proceed to send the lucky seven a congratulatory email and a paypal invoice. I have had issues with receipts of these messages so I just ask you double check your spam folder tomorrow around the time. I do not call out the names of those chosen to protect their privacy. 

**The lucky stars stroke for seven homes. I have now sent them their congratulatory email and invoices will follow. If all goes well and there is no need to re-do it all over again, these seven little ones will be travelling shortly to meet their families. Thank you so much to everybody that entered, do not be broken hearted if you are left with empty hands. In a couple of days there will be a freshly baked batch of reindeers. I hear jingle bells in my near future.

Jingles all the way.

My deer ones.