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The Fall arrives and the Wee Babies are ready.

Wee Babies in Merino, by Fig and Me. 

Yes, it's officially Fall. Even though we have felt the change of tune from Mother Nature, and the trees have been losing their leaves, the geese are everywhere and we are starting to see wild turkeys coming into the meadows surrounding our house, we couldn't call it Fall just yet. But now it's official and I couldn't be happier about it.

One of the many maples close to us, by Fig and Me. 

Wee Babies in wool and stripes, by Fig and Me. 

So of course now we have the Wee Babies in their fall attire coming out to play. I will have a small update tonight at 9 PM EDT (Toronto time) in my Etsy store, but a little different this time. There will be four sets of somewhat matching Wee Baby and their little pocket friend, both with wee antlers. The sets will be $165. Individual Wee Babies (all have antlers) will be $135, and individual pocket babies (with no antlers but there are two bunnies) will be $25. All prices in USD and do not include shipping charges. 

I hope you manage to take one home, because they are very soft, friendly, cuddly and imaginative toys for those with gentle hands. See you tonight! Hope you can make it.

My little brother and sister.

Smiling in the light.