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Jingles all the way.

Mr Jingles, by Fig and Me. 

Mr Jingles and all his comrades are getting ready to shine. We are making sure they are eating a lot of cranberry sauce so their noses are bright and shiny red. There are a few made with this thick felted merino, and a few others made with soft cashmere. They are all reindeers and will be ready tomorrow at Noon on Etsy. Price will be $135 USD plus postage, HST applicable to Canada residents via paypal invoice.

Wee Baby reindeer, by Fig and Me. 

This time I made their antlers a bit different, and we are all so happy with the results. There will be ten available, and I am making a few more for next week. So if you happen to miss these fellas, there is hope in the near future. I am trying my hardest to have as many as possible before Father Winter asks me to shut everything down and plonk myself in front of the wood stove to knit for my family and be able to celebrate the Winter solstice wearing hand knits made my mama. Hope you can make it tomorrow!

The messy elves.

Wee Wintry Babies