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The messy elves.

Elf time, by Fig and Me.

Oh, the elves are running wild. They are so darn busy that a couple of mugs of chocolate and a few crumbs of currant scones caused quite a stir a few days ago. They get up so early, and they go to bed at night so late. They do take time out of their busy day to sing though, always smiling, and very cheerful. So even though they are quite busy, they never feel rushed.

Elf time, by Fig and Me.

I have the last group of Wee Babies of this year finally finished. They are all wearing their green suit and black belt, with their jaunty pointy cap trimmed with snow. Twelve of them will be available tomorrow Tuesday December 2nd at 12 PM EDT on my store. And another small group of three will be available here on the blog via comment style. The comments will close that same day at 9 PM EDT, their families will be chosen at random and payment is due at around that time once I send you an invoice. Taxes apply to Canadian residents. Price is $135 USD plus postage charges. 

If you will excuse me, I need to go and commend the elves for the marvellous work they have helped me accomplish this year. By the end of the coming weekend you will be able to see the 25 cloth figs that are giggling around and ready to find homes of their own. It has been, and it still is, such a busy and crazy couple of weeks but I am ever so excited to show all that is brewing in the studio. Hope you manage to get an elf tomorrow! See you then. 

Three Messy Elves.

Jingles all the way.