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Three Messy Elves.

Elfies Selfies, by Fig and me. 

While their brothers and sisters were getting ready to run and hop early this morning, these three were reading books and packing their things at leisure. They knew that their destiny was going to grant them a more slow and easy ride into someone's arms, so they did not hurry…at all. After three breakfasts, a break for eggnog and cookies, and much talk about letters and tidings and how to decorate their nooks, they decided it was time to let me photograph them. So here they are: Evergreen, Ginger and Sugarplum.

Ginger by Fig and me.

Ginger is the middle child and has a knack for turning things upside down. Very handy when inspecting toys or other merchandise. Most helpful when you need to empty your pockets, unless you have a fear of heights (sometimes too much excitement and you will end up several hundred feet above the ground…oops!). 

Sugarplum by Fig and Me.

Sugarplum is the littlest. But the feistiest. In charge of the herd of reindeer and a few polar bears that insist on misbehaving when time is short and of the essence. They better not let Sugarplum notice such conduct as the method for taking care of it is non-stop music and lots of cuddles. She has a softy heart this one. 

Evergreen by Fig and Me. 

Evergreen is the oldest. Wise for her age she tends to all the other elves. Knits them fluffy socks, cooks them hearty soups, sprinkles cinnamon water on their pillowcases as she irons them to give them that special touch. She really thinks of everything.

Three messy elves by Fig and Me. 

If you would like to bring one of these little elves into your home (only one) please fill in your details in the form below. I will gladly take names until 9 PM EDT today and select three families at random for them. Their price is $135 USD plus postage (taxes apply to Canadian residents). They are made with repurposed wool knit and stuffed with clean wool batting. Their heads have been needle-felted, covered with cotton interlock and hand embroidered. Their hats, and belts are securely sewn in. They measure 8,5" approx. They are recommended as a natural toy for children 3+ and are hand-washable only. 


I will be back later tonight to delete the form, please check your email at around that time. Payment is due upon invoice receipt (unless I can see you live overseas and are therefore sleeping!). Thank you so much for visiting my three little messy elves, hopefully one of them will go home to you. Good luck!

Cloth Figs, reloaded.

The messy elves.