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Cloth Figs, reloaded.

A few design improvements, by Fig and Me.

Seeing such a large group of dolls in front of me is a bit too much for the heart. I don't even know where to look at. "Oh, this one is my favourite!", "No, wait, maybe this one!". These two phrases are being heard day and night and night and day around here. My girls come in the studio, checking in on the progress: "Oh, they have arms now!…Look at their hair!…How did you do that Abuelita?". Yes, my mother has been helping me tremendously with these dolls. She has discovered a hidden talent for making the most adorable hair-dos out of repurposed cashmere ribbing, and I just let her exercise her creativity much to the Cloth Figs pleasure.

LIlac Cloth Fig, by Fig and Me.

I redesigned their torso. After making Patootie 2.0 I decided the Cloth Figs needed a head/torso pattern piece and I am very happy with the result. I also gave their feet at sole, which will save me a bit of trouble with the show department. They all still need boots but their clothes are *almost* finished. 

Orange pigtails, by Fig and Me.

Linen redhead, by Fig and Me. 

I have been having so much fun making their little clothes and especially doing their fabric hair, that I think it might have to try my hands at this kind of hair even further. For now, I wanted to bring you a few glimpses of the work of many, many weeks. They are very close to being presented officially in their clothes and shoes, and oh yes, there are three boys too. I couldn't leave boys out of the family and they are the first three fellas in this style. 

Now, as usual, I say good bye for a day or two. The girls and boys call for my sewing hands. Just with a bit of luck and some extra night hours at the sewing machine, these little ones will be ready to leave the nest by the end of the weekend. Do cross your fingers for me, there is still quite a lot to do. I must go then, hope you are enjoying the exciting times of this end of the year. 

Cloth Figs of 2014.

Three Messy Elves.