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Fuzzy boots

Handmade cloth doll, natural.

Fuzzy boots was the demand placed on the cobbler. Man oh man! those tiny feet sure are fiddly. But now all my girls have something warm to cover their little feet, and I can rest knowing that they won't go around the world with nothing comfy to walk on. It doesn't obviously help that the cobbler decides they each must have a different pair, well...after all, they each have different personalities and I must attend to that!. These little dolls were oodles of fun, albeit a bit stressful to try my hands at something different, so if they go well and kids love them, I guess I should better start trying my hands at different patterns for their clothes too. When will the madness end?

These four 16" tall cloth dolls, are part of a new line of dolls which I decided to call "Cloth Figs". They are all made with cotton muslin and stuffed with sweet-smelling wool. They are on the softer side of the spectrum, which for some reason makes them irresistible for my own children and I had to wiggle them out of their hands in more than one occasion. They all have fabric hair, secured with over-cast stitches, embroidered faces, and floppy limbs. Their clothes are made with high-quality vintage french linen, and they will all be ready to meet their corresponding homes tomorrow Monday April 15th at 10 AM EST via my ETSY store. Their price is $195 USD plus postage charges. I am on my way to Flickr to load more individual photos of them, and to let you know a little about each one. Happy Sunday!.

Taking it slow.

Taking it slow.

Introducing, Cloth Figs.