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Cloth Figs of 2014.

Ludwika by Fig and Me. 

Please, the drums! 
I have finally finished my 25 dolls, not without the extensive and patient help of my mother I must say. These little ones are a total dream come true, cloth dolls the way I fancy them, playful, natural, simple but not boring, full of personality, fun, quirky, a bit on the crunchy side, and full of life. I could go on and on…and on really, but I will spare you my deep thoughts in regards to them and leave it for another day, as I know you are expecting to see each one and find out all about them. Here they are! Starting with Ludwika up top, may I present you the Fabulous Twenty Five (please move your browser over their photo to see their name). 

Macario by Fig and Me. 

Candy by Fig and Me. 

Emma by Fig and Me. 

Ponyo by Fig and Me.

Satsumi by Fig and Me.

They are all made with cotton muslin and stuffed with wool to a very squishy consistency. They are a rag doll style designed by me, with embroidered features, patch cheeks and fabric hair (some have cashmere ribbing, others linen). Some hair styles allow for creative variations but mainly they come with their permanent hairdo. They measure about 16 inches tall. They come wearing mostly organic cottons for their outfits and velour boots. Their price is $275 USD plus postage, taxes applicable to Canadian residents.

Osana by Fig and Me.

Elvis by Fig and Me. 

Carmina by Fig and Me. 

Pam by Fig and Me. 

Samarkanda, by Fig and Me. 

Coco by Fig and Me.

In an effort to give everybody more chances at bringing one home the following will happen. I will split the dolls in two groups. One group will be available for sale tomorrow Sunday December 7th at 10 AM EDT in my shop. If you manage to get one (or two) in this sale I ask that you give others the chance in the night time upload and refrain from participating. The second group will become available tomorrow as well but at 10 PM EDT. 

Natalia by Fig and Me. 

Florence by Fig and Me.

Mariana by Fig and Me. 

Sebastian by Fig and Me.

Juliette by Fig and Me. 

Iona by Fig and Me.

As you can see there are twenty five dolls, plenty to go around. These little ones are the result of months of work in the making. I wanted to concentrate my efforts on them because I consider the cloth figs more accessible than my other style of dolls, I knew I could make more of them and therefore give more people the chance of getting a quirky but playful doll this year, made from my hands. Like mentioned in my previous post, in which you can see pics of the doll without clothes, I made a few changes to their pattern. Whilst I am not ever satisfied with pattern changes I do believe they embody more now what I envision for them. I hope you see them the way I do. 

Nina by Fig and Me. 

Marijo by Fig and Me.

Wendy by Fig and Me. 

Titina by Fig and Me. 

Dina by Fig and Me. 

Tulip by Fig and Me. 

Raisa by Fig and Me. 

So, be ready for them! I hope you are still there, after all these twists of the heart with so many fanciful dollies primping themselves in front of you. As for me, I will go and hug each and every single one. My little cloth figs, and whisper secrets to them and give them plenty of kisses. May they bring the same kind of energy to you that they have brought me: creative and imaginative play.  

See you tomorrow!

The little girl.

Cloth Figs, reloaded.