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In the blink of an eye.

Holding hands, by Fig and me. 

Last night all my "Elevenses" found their homes. I was almost "stupefied" as to how quickly they seem to make up their minds, jump on people's shopping baskets and leave the nest. It is all rather crazy but I am very happy that you all love them so much because I crave having them in my studio, stuffing those little legs and making those wee faces.

Her wee cloche hat, by Fig and me.

With their little peeking ears, By Fig and me. 

Wearing patchwork scarves and cozy hats, by Fig and me.

Now, making all those little hats was rather fun and even a bit relaxing. A small crochet hook, (2.50 mm), my bag of left over yarns (a lot of Quince&Co and other ones I can't remember…I know Lark just by how it feels in my hands, the softest ever!), and a wonderful day spent in the company of my friend Monika, and off the day went. The patchwork for the scarves was also relaxing (although the turning of those little scarves was a bit…ehem…not relaxing!). 

Lots of little pieces of wonderful prints, by Fig and me. 

A little fella, by Fig and me. 

I did warn you that the Fall was going to start imbuing my work with its beauty of colour. The project to tackle for today is perform a ceremony to stop the afternoon rains so we can photograph Poppy, and also dye yarn with goldenrod. Wish us luck as we welcome our day with lots of enthusiasm, dolls and yarn in hands. 

Wreaths and healing, Poppy tells me.

A fall bunting.