Handling down the torch of the Wee Babies and clothing patterns.

I am very proud to introduce this latest batch of Wee Babies. Like I mentioned to you all in my newsletter of October, I am “retiring” from making the Wee Babies myself, but have entrusted their beautiful creation into the hands of my mother and my sister, who are starting their dollmaking adventures.

Wee baby made with repurposed wool sweater, by Fig and Me.

I taught my own mother how to make dolls, isn’t that fun? And since she is so very curious, and crafty, she got hooked. So now she and my younger sister will keep on creating these little babies for your loving hands. I will of course keep and eye on them until I am completely confident they can do everything by themselves, and while they set up their own shop and get their own little thing running, I will keep selling these on their behalf. I won’t be announcing updates on the blog, rather when they manage to put a little parcel together for me, I will slowly add them to my Etsy shop. They are now working on bunnies and lambs for the Spring, so hopefully we can receive a nice little fat package full of them in a few months.

Wee Baby made with repurposed wool sweater, by Fig and Me.

Wee Baby, very pensive. Made with repurposed wool sweater, via Fig and Me.

Wee baby doll made with repurposed wool sweater, by Fig and Me. 

The dolls are made with my pattern, my instruction, and with the same natural materials I use on my dolls. I stand behind their work a 100% and I am so excited for them to start venturing into the wonderful world of handmade dolls. Handling down the torch of the Wee Babies to them was a bit bittersweet, I won’t lie, but it will allow me to concentrate focus and energy into putting my doll and clothing patterns into written form so you can all create toys and dolls with my designs. So, if you want to take a peek or buy one, always visit my Etsy store. That’s where they will live for now. 

Thank you for coming to read, now cheer me on as I write, design, and put that big binder of clothing patterns into digital form. So exciting!.

Posted on January 11, 2016 and filed under wee babies.