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Wee food for the wee of appetite.

Wee food, by Fig and Me. 

Well, this just took forever. From "concept" to "execution" there was an almost three week lapse.  Apologies, apologies to all those Wee Babies who have been waiting with their eager brothers and sisters, hoping to catch a glimpse of items in their wool food diet. I have two sets for the hungry babies, and one more is in the works but that one is a bit different so it will wait for its time. 

Time for a picnic, by Fig and Me. 

A lot of yummy food, by Fig and Me. 

Two almost identical sets, containing needle-felted food items in the shapes of: a massive birthday cake with a massive candle (description of said item by my youngest daughter), two raspberry macarons, a pumpkin pie, a polka dot coffee cake (we presume Wee Babies love polka dots and find them most nutritious), a pumpkin to decorate the harvest table (or picnic in this case); a little patchwork picnic blanket, seriously tiny (it measures 4"x4"); a slightly felted wool basket and a little muslin bag to carry the loot (not pictured because I am always forgetting things…especially when I am hungry). The price for each tiny set is $150 USD and they will both be listed tomorrow morning in my shoppe at 9 AM EDT (Toronto time). 

For those of you who are already stashing away Christmas gifts, I think this could make the brightest morning for a Wee Baby in your family. Once I finish the third set I will figure out what to do with it, especially since I have to keep the little fingers in this house away from it. Now I am going to be forever on the hunt for a miniature tea set for future Wee Baby Play Food sets. If such things ever happens again (ouch my fingers!). Let me tell you, making play food is so fun, but making such tiny things proves rather terrible for my hands. Good thing they are finished. See you tomorrow!. 

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Wreaths and healing, Poppy tells me.