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A fall bunting.

Wee Babies by Fig and Me.

Oh yes, the maple leaves won't lie. They are starting to turn into a coy shade of yellow, there is some orange and even one or two red leaves. Which means that my little creations will start to infuse the Fall into their colours, their clothes, cozy knit scarves or warm hats. Wait for it because it all reminds me of a nice pot of cinnamon tea on the stove.

Wee Babies by Fig and Me

We have an impressive line up of "elevenses". I've been cracking myself up thinking of Bilbo Baggins, but upon further google/wikipedia nerdy look-it-up-it I actually remembered a very similar custom in Mexico: "las onces". A brief meal around this time, not a full on breakfast, not quite the formal tea of the afternoon, but definitely a set time to ingest. I love it. This little, albeit ambitious on my part, group of Wee Babies (they measure around 8.5" tall and are made with felted merino/cashmere/wool) will be sold on Wednesday morning at 10 AM EDT in my shop. Their price will be $145 USD plus postage charges, as they will come with some simple but cozy accessories. In the event I don't manage to make stuff for everybody, those will be sold for $110. Canadian customers please be advised you will be billed HST separately (with corresponding exchange rate) upon your purchases. 

My master plan is to have individual previews tomorrow night, so that you can have a chance to take a peek and decide wether one is talking sweet things to you. If not, then you are most welcome to sleep in. As for me, there is no rest for the wicked. Off I go to the sewing machine. 

In the blink of an eye.

Shall I compare you...