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Those puffy tails.

Wee Baby Fox by Fig and Me.

I managed to wash all their little faces, waking them up with visions of steaming bowls and freshly cut fruit. Up they went, out of the blankets and dented pillows, and in a wee row, they started getting ready. One, two, three, four, five…yes there you are, six, seven, eight, nine, ten…where are the other ones? still in bed? Out of there! eleven, twelve. Twelve little foxes jumping on their beds!.

Wee Baby Fox by Fig and me. 

Wee Baby Fox by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby Fox by Fig and Me. 

They knew today was the day, to find a home, a family, a pair of gentle hands that will snuggle them and tell them stories. Oh, they were all so very excited. And so was I, but there was still much to do. Wash up, eat food, go outside, then come in and try to let them find their journey in life. I hope they all find a cozy place to sit and be happy. 

Wee Baby Fox by Fig and Me. 

Wee Baby Fox, by Fig and me. 

As we prepare for my birthday tomorrow, hoping I get to eat cake, and there are sneaky notebook-paper-wrapped presents from my little faeries, I am also crossing my fingers for these little ones. I can't even believe how much you all love them, and how much I have been able to keep bringing breaths of fresh air to a doll so simple yet so magical. I giggle just thinking of the many surprises I have in store for you in the shape of the Wee Baby in the coming months. Stay tuned!. 

A sweet good bye.

Keep on rolling.