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A sweet good bye.

Yes, and yes. These two are saying their good byes to all their friends here today as they will be travelling with the rest of the fox dolls tomorrow. We've made sure their clothes have no holes, that their shoes are shined, their hair is freshened up, and we've told them a little bit about where they are heading: a sunny land, where fruit trees abound, with children and many other dolls to play with. They can't wait they are so excited. In all honesty, I have never seen a pair of dolls so eager to get inside their box. 

Little Cowan and Little Chloe, ready to meet adventure. By Fig&me. 

Getting ready to start their journey, by Fig and Me.

I had to knit Cowan a little shawl as well, to match his little sister's. Now, I know you might think shawls are not a boy's thing, so we call his a "triangular scarf". The days are definitely chillier in our cozy hamlet, the leaves in our garden are almost gone, although a few trees are still very much yellow. The sumac has turned the whole country into a technicolor extravaganza, with a beautiful background of aging browns from the oaks, deep reds and oranges from the maples, and the stout dark shades from the evergreens. Still, Cowan and Chloe want to go home, they can't be persuaded to witness the first snow fall of the year (although I tried very hard!).

My precious children, off they go! by Fig and Me.

I wanted to take at least a few more photos of them before they left, and good thing I did it yesterday, because it hasn't stopped raining. Chip-chop-chippity-chop on the windows all day. A sad affair for the trick-or-treaters tonight, but a nice thing for me as I just adore rainy days. They are the perfect weather for dollmaking, reminiscing, handling wool in your hands, and perhaps knitting later with a healthy cup of herbal tea and a big spoon of honey. Oh yes, I love rainy days.  I am off to start packing all my wooly children, and will be back with little glimpses of Tova, my next doll. Hope you enjoy your weekend, wherever you are. 

It keeps on giving.

It keeps on giving.

Those puffy tails.