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It keeps on giving.

It keeps on giving.

Look at this beautiful scene I got from one of my doll families! Treats like these are such a healthy and generous gift to a doll maker's heart that there are really no words to let you know what it feels, and what it does for the creative soul, to see your work so loved and appreciated. 

Over the years I have sent many dolls away, so many have ended up in homes and families which are now close to me. I see their children's growth, I see and know of their moving house, changing jobs, struggles and celebrations. This particular family is so very special to me because I "entered" into it by way of their Grandmother, a kind soul who always had something quirky and gentle to say to me. I would say that three of the dolls they have in their home are such milestones in my dollmaking career and therefore very close to me on a personal level, one of them being Red Scarlet, the little blonde doll pictured above.

Two Little Reds, cute as they can be! by Fig and Me. 

Seeing your dolls in the hands of the people that love them is so beautiful. Sending them away sometimes is very hard, but that departure is never more rewarded than when you see things like this. And when you realize that doing what you do leaves a mark in people's lives, it allows them to be playful, to crate their own memories, and to be part of the exchange of human creation.

I always like to see what I do as a path of self-knowledge and my journey always brings me so many moments of reflection and gratitude. Thank you so much to the Tuttle family for allowing my work to be part of their environment. Hopefully one day I will get to make a toy for this young and beautiful girl's children. Oh the stories we will tell them!.

Tova, and her doll dreams.

A sweet good bye.