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Red Scarlet and Cinder, her faithful dragon.

Red Scarlet

Cinder did find a girl, beautiful enough, courageous enough, smart enough, kind enough. He found all these qualities in a little girl, that lived in a village tucked away in between two big mountains. The villagers called her Red Scarlet, not because she had a bad temper, or because of her beautiful red-hooded cape, but because her cheeks were always flushed red from laughing, a girl so full of life. Kind to everybody, the people in the village adored her, and were always trying to help whenever she needed something.

Scarlet and Cinder

Red Scarlet was playing one afternoon, when she felt herself observed. Looking everywhere around her, couldn't see anybody; but she knew someone was watching. After days of observation, Cinder decided to make himself visible and tell her his vision of peace , asking her to come with him to convince Dracco to change his crazy ways, or defend herself against him in case he didn't want to listen. Being the gentle and brave girl that she was, she jumped at the opportunity to help the people of her village, who were in fact very much afraid of dragons. Cinder warned her about the dangers of encountering an old dragon, but gave her the weapons needed to defend herself, and promised to teach her everything he knew about how to defeat a dragon.

Dragon Tower Shield

Dragon fighter
Cinder gifts Red Scarlet with the beautiful sword his grandfather made, and honours her with the magical shield. Together they embark on a journey to change their world. A little girl and her dragon. Some would say they are up against hundreds of years of ignorance and mutual grief, some could say they are attempting the impossible, but Cinder and Red Scarlet will reply: only by going through the hours of darkness can we come to see the morning light. They have faith in their quest, and that is all that is needed.

Fur in Winter

Winter soirée

Only time will tell if Red Scarlet and Cinder triumph. I can only hope I get to hear part of their coming adventures. I am sure they are bound to meet many wonderful allies, change a few obstinate minds along the way, and above all teach kindness and the powerful magic of play.

Winter for Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet is well prepared for the magnificent occasion when she gets to celebrate the dragons return to the outside world. She cannot wait for the time that she doesnt have to defend her friend Cinder, against the ignorance of her people. She is very excited for this day to come, and has a beautiful set of clothes to bask in her glory and feast. Cinder always by her side, cannot wait to get bigger, so he can carry Scarlet on his back and fly her all over the land. I wish I could be there to see it.

A scarlet red hooded cape

Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet, a 21" Figlette, and Cinder, her velveteen dragon, plus her wooden weapons and clothes,
 will be held for auction HERE, starting Sunday December 16th at 10:00 PM EST
and end on Tuesday December 18th at 8:00 PM EST.
This team effort (my husband made all her weapons) has finally concluded after almost two months,
and we are ready to let them go out into the world to continue their journey.
I cannot even tally the amount of hours these toys took my husband and I to create,
am I ever happy to see them ready to meet a family!

Red Scarlet and Cinder

Thank you for being so extremely patient with us, and for allowing us and encouraging us to let lose our imagination and our creativity take reign. 
Your support this entire year has been nothing but wonderful and a blessing. 

Thank you.

Pretty Scarlet

The myth of killing a dragon

Cinder seeks the truthful one.