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Tova, and her doll dreams.

Little Tova  by Fig and Me.

Tova slowly opens her eyes, her beautiful dark brown eyes. Slowly, gently, she wakes up to a wintry day. Soft and hushed noises tell her people are awake and trying to keep the house quiet. She gets up and looks outside the window. What a marvellous sight. A world blanketed by snow. A carpet of ice. A dream come true!.

Details of her linen dress and wool shoes, by Fig and me. 

Tova by Fig and Me.

Tova did not think a world full of snow was a dream come true. She was angry at the clouds, sad at the state of the view. She wanted to play outside with her pram and pushing it through the snow had proved an ordeal on previous occasions. What to do about the snow business? she thought. While her head concocted scientific manoeuvres to impede the snow dump we were getting, she got dressed. As usual, her favourite linen dress. Dyed black many times to keep it going, since she wore it almost every day. Her matching wool shoes and her wool peddler shawl. Her dearest things. 

A little ear to listen to the snow fall, her peddler shawl. By Fig and me.

I insisted on a hat, she agreed. By Fig and me.

She wasn't very happy when she came out of her room. Doll in hand she decided to look one more time outside the window, "just to see if it all has gone away" she said in a pouty tone. I gave her the cut-and-dried explanation of the winters in Canada, no point denying the obvious. With an expected sigh and a twisted heart she looked away. It pained to see her so disappointed. So we had to do something about it. 

Tova in her bonnet, by Fig and Me. 

Tova and Patootie, by Fig and me. 

Patootie is the most loved doll, by Fig and me. 

We dressed Patootie, her doll, in a simple linen dress with matching bonnet (I always insist on hats, especially with wretched weather), and seeing her so cute and silly like that started to change her expression. She started to slowly smile and be more agreeable, trying to see that there are indeed myriad of ways to enjoy a snowy day, even if you are inside. 

Sitting down, standing up. By Fig and me. 

Little details make the world go round. By Fig and Me. 

Patootie started blabbing something or other, I really can't say since I don't understand her gibberish most of the time. Only Tova seems to be in the know of what she is actually saying, so I waited for the translation of Patootie's wishes. Apparently, she said that snow or no snow she wanted to be rocked back and forth in her pram. Your wish is my command, I said and proceeded to get the pram ready for take off. 

The wooden doll pram, by Fig and me. 

Wooden doll pram, by Fig and Me. 

What a fancy ride! by Fig and me. 

Wooden doll pram with handknit blanket, by Fig and me.

Now, taking the pram always feels like an event. There is just something so special about having it in your hands, especially with Patootie staring at you from inside. We try to turn it always into a grand occasion, we shoot streamers and sing songs, and call a countdown as if we were launching a rocket into space. We are a bit silly but Tova giggles and smiles and who can't deny such a little soul her utmost wish? Not me.

The grand pram, by Fig and me.

Tiger wood, Padauk and Ambrosie maple. By Fig and me. 

Getting ready for take off, by Fig and me.

After tucking in Little Miss Patootie in her wooden vehicle of grandeur, and asking Tova to wear her pinafore just in case the baby had a messy burp, we proceeded to take the little scamps for a ride. Tova pushing, Patootie enjoying and I was making the sound effects. High velocity stuff and also some bird chirping and a dog barking in the distance, my specialty.

Tova playing dolls, by Fig and me. 

All aboard, by Fig and me. 

The day happily ended in gay and merry laughter. Two dolls happy with their lot, a royal prance around the living room, and a peppy dollmaker who thought she should really get a move on or dinner won't be ready. 

I hope you enjoyed reading about Tova's adventures in our house. Tova has been in creation for quite sometime, but life seems to travel at a different speed these days. I actually believe Earth is spinning faster, but that is cloth for some other chat. For now, I want to let you know how Tova will be offered for sale. This set will be split into two auctions. One listing will be for Tova, which is a 17" tall Figlette; the other listing will contain her wooden pram and little doll Patootie, which stands 8" tall. The auctions will be live for a period of two hours each tomorrow Tuesday November 18th, ending roughly an hour apart, starting at 7 PM EDT (Toronto time). You can now see the listings:

Tova, a 17" figlette by Fig&me

The Grand Pram and HRH Patootie the Second

Tova and all her clothing was made by me, while the pram was expertly made by my super talented husband. The pram bedding and little cloth doll were also made by me. The reason for splitting the auction is to give more people the chance to participate, as some of you already have dolls in your home, and some of them would perhaps like to receive a wooden pram for Christmas. Both items will be shipped with tracking and insurance, with an approximate retail value estimated in the quote (if you would like to have full insurance a different quote will apply). Canadian customers will be billed HST separately with corresponding exchange rate. Payment via Paypal only is due at the end of the auction. The shop is over here and you will need an account in order to participate, which is easily obtained. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Tova and Patootie, by Fig and me.

I hope they all find loving homes, and thank you so much for reading about my dolls. Both listings have now been updated.

Another little dusting.

It keeps on giving.

It keeps on giving.