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Another little dusting.

A dusting of snowflakes by Fig and Me.

Today we had snow squalls. It is so humbling to see nature in its full work: wind, lots of wind, and snow everywhere, non-stop. I went outside wearing a wool parka that a friend sent from Tibet many years ago, my snow boots and my daughter's mittens because I couldn't find my own. I wanted to check on the ducks and chooks and make sure they were alright. I was met out there by my husband who had the same thought and came out from his workshop. Together we fed them, made sure their water was alright, we provided more bedding for the ducks and I went to fetch the puppy for one last romp in the snow.

Let it snow, by Fig and me.

A little snow baby, by Fig and me.

How appropriate I thought, that while the weather outside was roaring and dusting all our windows with chunks of white powder, inside my hands were touching and sewing and blushing little snowflake babies. It *almost* made me giggle. But I didn't, because I am a serious dollmaker. Truth be told.

I hoped I didn't run out of internet juice due to the storm because I wanted to pop them in the shop as a late night treat. If you happen to get one, you will forever be in love. Don't say I didn't warn you!. Now I must go because these hands of mine (and my mother's who seems to have caught the doll-making bug) are so busy these days there's barely any time in the day for them to do all they wish to accomplish. I will go to bed tired tonight, but happy that at least I got to play outside in one of the most beautiful snow squalls of the season.

My deer ones.

Tova, and her doll dreams.