Kitties and Bunnies and little dolls too!


So the kitties and bunnies are finally hopping all over my studio. My hands are feeling better, just a few more stitches and these little dolls will be able to hop into your basket too!. I will be splitting this update in two. First group will be ready for tomorrow morning at 10 AM EST and the second one at 10 PM EST. Both groups will be sold through my Etsy store. Individual photos later on my Flickr gallery. It is a wonderful sunny day, celebrating Earth Day, and so we came quickly home to let everybody know, but we must now venture outside again.

**as much as I dislike to duplicate information all over the place, I know some of you follow the blog, and some follow on facebook, and some the RSS feed on flickr. So just bear with me, while I try to inform everybody in the most effective way. Thank you!

Posted on April 22, 2013 and filed under dollmaking.