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Here we go!

Just a quick post to let everybody know that I have created a new cozy little corner for Fig&me. You can now come and hang out with me, in real time, on Facebook. These are big news for me as initially I tried to concentrate my efforts on blogging and dollmaking, trying to take little steps, one at a time. I feel that now (after five years!) I am ready to embark on this new adventure.

Fig&me on Facebook

It will also save me a bit of time, I think!, and I can now blog more deeply and with substance about things rattling on my brain, leaving the little snippets that sometimes don't warrant a full-blown post, to be shared with you through my Facebook corner. If you hang out over there, come and pay me a visit and say Hi!. I already know many of you over there, and see this as a wonderful new opportunity to get to know each other better. Perhaps some of you, who are a bit shy to talk dollies here on the blog, can lose your big ole' shell and come and play dolls with me.

Now, I am working on those bunnies (I am!), but my hands are sore, and so I decided to play with photos and collage-making instead of sewing tiny feet. I hope they can be ready in a day or two. Off to rest my hands!.

Kitties and Bunnies and little dolls too!

Taking it slow.

Taking it slow.