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The british cousins.


They arrived! Oh boy! We were waiting and waiting, the boat was just taking forever. Luckily they landed and so now we can properly introduce them to our family, and make them tea, and fluff their ears (I hope they don't mind), and perhaps let them get a breath of fresh air before sending all over the place again.

A while ago, I had it in my head to try to make a traditional rabbit toy, modelled after the one on The Velveteen Rabbit. The fabric of choice was of course to be that delicious toffee velveteen I have been cuddling with and hugging all over the house. What? You don't hog your fabric, and bring it places, and introduce it to your guests? 

-Hi, let me show you this marvellous piece of fabric. It's vintage velveteen, quite illustrious!


Oh well, who cares if nobody around here knows what good fabrics smells (and tastes like...!). I am just very happy that I am allowed to be this weird, and nobody bats an eye here anymore. On to the news!

Anyways, Blair the Rabbit, didn't make it to the velveteen allocation, but she got lucky with some pretty linen and an Atsuko Matsuyama print (one of my favourites by the way). I made her a wee cape with some hand-dyed alpaca wool yarn I dyed a few summers ago with goldenrod. She just loves it. Her partner, Thorpe the Bear, is still a bit miffed that I haven't embroidered her nose or given her a smile. But heavens! the days are not made of 38 hours. Cut me some slack!.

These two sweet, and vintage-inspired toys, will be uploaded into the shop tomorrow night, customary 10 PM EST (sorry again!), and their price will be $58 for Blair the Rabbit (7" tall), and $78 for Thorpe the Bear (7" standing tall). All prices are USD and do not include shipping. More photos of them two tomorrow on the flickr gallery. Off to sew some more british relatives!.

PS. The wee bunnies (8" variety) will make an appearance next week. This weekend I will have four made with cashmere, slightly larger, slightly cooler. Pics and details to follow.

Nothing short of amazing.

What a spread!