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What a spread!


Darcy is leaving tomorrow. Sniff, sniff. I didn't want to tarnish her stay with us by being too sad about it - at least not in front of her, of course. After a few days of humming my usual "she is not ready yet", I decided to have her "going away" fête with lots of wool dollops, alpaca french knots, and felted wool beads. A few rows of single crochet, some wool stuffing, and we ended up with some yummy treats for sweet Darcy.

We were getting the table ready for our merriment, but she is impatient. I am not sure if the impatience was to eat it all before we could take a second look, or if she really is very excited to get to her new home, so she couldn't wait to finish everything up. Either way, you can see her over there, sequestering the help of some crayons to climb up to the party. Sneaky, sneaky.

-"Darcy, what are you doing?"

Every time we looked around, she would turn back and pretend there was nothing going on, but we could tell she had something in her mind. Those eyes of hers are so revealing!.

So off she goes! Tonight she will be inspected for silly threads, blushed a wee bit more, her hair taken down from those messy buns, her dolly tucked next to her, her treats close by in case she gets hungry. All her clothes packed up, a few bows here or there, a paper doily, a written note, a spun cotton mushroom to keep her smiling on the long journey. And then she is gone. Good bye Sweet Darcy, it was such a pleasure to see you come to life! I am very proud to have shared this journey with you, and I am very excited for you to meet your new family!. Good bye!!.

The british cousins.