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The girls play in the garden.

The girls play in the garden.

Girls and their fabulous doll clothing. Snow White and Rose Red took a little longer to come and show you the rest of their adventures, but wait no more. You can take a peek now.

Snow White is a natural fiber art doll by Fig and Me. Wearing her knitted Le Fig hat.

We really didn't anticipate that it would take us so long to show you their adventures outside, but you know what happens. Sometimes life goes on a tangent. We are left with runny nose for the tenth time, or lack of internet, or messy computers playing tricks on us.

But one thing life has taught me: through thick and thin, we persevere. It might not happen when I think it will, but it will definitely happen. That seems to be the story of my life anyways.

Rose Red wears matching linen cape and apron, by Fig and me.

These two little ladies got really excited when I told them about the amazing cupboards full of dolly friends they would get to meet. I told them about illustrious visitors and doll furniture. I even told them about the grandkids, the pets and the ranch.

And I certainly told them about the garden.

Snow White in her gardening outfit: soft cotton overalls, long wool boots, floral apron, red-stripe cape and hand-dyed-wool knitted bonnet. by Fig and Me.

They always knew about the garden, and about a certain older girl who likes to introduce everybody to rose gardening. That obviously won them over. Roses are their very thing.

First they asked for longer aprons, but when they tried to kneel over the geraniums they found them a bit cumbersome so we were happy to stay with their short ones. 

Then they asked for galloshes. Or Wellingtons. I immediately put my foot down and told them I was out of rubber.

Rose Red keeping a close watch on all the tree buds, by fig and me.

The girls exchanged their little doll boots, by fig and me.

Once hard-working fabrics were chosen, they started exchanging clothing. They seem to have an eye for fashion or at least for looking well put-together. Don't look at me! I had nothing to do with it.

They exchanged capes, aprons and shoe wear. And once I saw them all dressed up I giggled. Oh! their mother will have her hands full with these two!.

Rose Red in her gardening outfit: tweed tall boots, soft cotton overalls, linen apron and cape with a matching hand-dyed cashmere bonnet, by fig and me.

Rose Red wanted something blue, to go "with les yeux" she said. So we picked a big cotton plaid (that I was saving to make myself a very big and full skirt this summer!) with long cashmere ribbing on the leg cuffs. We figured these overalls needed leather straps and tiny buttons. 

They both chose the same organic cotton double-knit for their shirts, and since Poet (my doll) has always favourited, I was very happy to sew again with it.

Snow White likes to keep her hands in those big pockets when it starts to get chilly in the garden. By fig and me.

But then they had the bright idea of ginormeous pockets. Anybody that visits here often knows two things about these working hands: they gravitate immensely to pockets and hats. Has to do with my own children, so we always try to coerce the dolls on to some sort of head gear and pocket flash.

Now, such huge pockets were going to look a bit odd, I said. 'Nonsense' they both answered at the same time. Ok, ok. Reluctantly, I measured their hands, we gave it a wide allowance and off we went, sewing gigantic pockets to their overalls. I think they were right.

Another little doll climbing trees, by fig and me.

I think is obvious how much I enjoy sewing for my dolls. It gives me no end of joy to choose the fabrics for their wee cuffs, the yarns for their hats, the little buttons that complement their outfits. As I have mentioned before, this passion runs deep but it's something that I grew into. 

I devoured many, many sewing books in order to learn. I spent hours seating at the library with huge stacks in front of me, reading everything I could get my hands on regarding notions, fabric, seam treatments. 

My husband gave me the side-eye many times, as I came home laden with heirloom sewing magazines, and I never abandoned a good sewing book at the thrift shop. 

This hunger for knowledge hasn't subsided but it has mellowed, now that I understand how to do what I want. Of course I still encounter issues and not a one doll goes by without having to undo something of her clothes at least once. But instead of bursting in tears and cursing the heavens, now I just grab the seam ripper and get down to business.

I think they call it experience. I call it fortitude.

The two sisters, in their gardening outfits. By Fig and Me.

These little girls are already in the hands of their loving mother. I hope the scones were out, and everybody had a great time introducing each other. As things sometimes happen, they made a pact with me, and we still have to send home (in a future caravan trip) a few of their friends, and some other stuff they left behind. 

But that's for another day. Now I have to go and tend to the other dolls in the studio, and make sure nobody is trying to sneak into their stuff.

Now that you have them in your hands Lisa, you must know how much fun I had making them. I hope they brighten your day, I hope they make good friends with the other gals and lads, and I hope they don't drive you too crazy asking for baking sessions. 

From my hands to yours, Snow White and Rose Red. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of creating them for you!. 

A bundle of joy.

A bundle of joy.

Snow White and Rose Red. A little story.

Snow White and Rose Red. A little story.