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Sewing doll clothes just got a bit easier.

Sewing doll clothes just got a bit easier.

As so many of you have asked me over the years, I gingerly decided to follow up on your requests. Starting with this new pattern for doll clothes, I will slowly start populating the interwebs with my designs for your sewing hands.

Sewing for dolls: Ermentrude, a sewing pattern for waldorf-style dolls (17" - 20" tall) using Windsong by Birch Organics and Linen for the pantaloons. Published by Fig and Me.

It is my first entry into the amazing world of sewing patterns, and I am a bit excited and terrified at the possibilities this opens. Of course more will be coming, since I worked on this one every time I start cutting fabric my wee chicken brain wants to document the process.

I know I can't do it for every single doll outfit, but I will try my best to keep focused and first provide a suitable wardrobe for the dolls in the 17" to 20" tall realm (with similar proportions to my very thin Figlettes) and then perhaps, depending on time and success with this, I will start with the other sizes.

One very popular request is for baby doll clothes, but I do need a model and I have just decided to take a small break from making baby dolls while I take a few figlettes out of my head.

Linen pantaloons with round patch-pockets. Part of the "Ermentrude" sewing pattern for doll clothes. By Fig and Me.

Ermentrude models the doll outfit named after her. She has achieved immortality! The set consists of a peasant-style top with whimsical pantaloons. Top was made using Windsong by Birch Organics. Pattern by Fig and Me.

Now I know you are going to have the very cheeky question of: when are you going to publish a doll pattern? Now…that requires more involvement, thought and bravado than publishing doll clothing patterns. However, I am happy to say that I am already on it. When it will be published? Spring seems a good deadline to start fresh paths, however you do know that the dolls in the studio are demanding little people and my first duty is to them.

I am so happy that both Ermentrude, the doll and the pattern, have given me the opportunity to learn a wee bit the technical aspects involved in such a task, and with a trembling heart I will keep on forging my little publishing adventures. If you would like to take a peek at this fresh-out-of-the-oven pattern, head over to the shoppe. If your brave and kind hands decide to give it a go, please don't forget to share with me or shoot me your questions. I have provided a direct link to the listing so you can read the particulars:

Thank you for taking a peek. Let me know what you think or if you have a very special request for another outfit, I might give it a go!. A brand new week and I am already brimming with ideas. Hope yours proves to be full with some creative hours. 

Form and Substance in Doll Making.

Form and Substance in Doll Making.

Solveig, a little ray of sunshine - a natural fiber art doll ready to play.

Solveig, a little ray of sunshine - a natural fiber art doll ready to play.