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Just in time for Christmas jammies: a pyjama pattern!

Just in time for Christmas jammies: a pyjama pattern!

Yes I know I sound very excited, and that's because I am!. After publishing the Bunny Slippers pattern in those 4 sizes I had to give it a go and sized up and down and all over the place the Jim Jams pattern. Let me show you.

A lovely set of cotton flannel pyjamas for your waldorf or natural fiber art doll. Pattern available via Fig and Me. #dollclothing #sewingfordolls #dollmaking

You can now find the Jim Jams pattern in my shop. It gives you instruction and all pattern pieces to create the above outfit: a long sleeve top with circular collar and the matching wide leg pants. The outfit is decorated with mini ric-rac but you can use any other decoration or lace you have on hand or particularly love. I think it would look fetching in red with either blue or deep green ric-rac as well. Very apropos.

The flannel I used for this set, which was created for my adoring Aoki, is the softest flannel I have ever found. I have just a little piece left and I fondle it quite a bit to be honest. It has little pigs flying all over the place and it makes me laugh. But you don't have to use flannel for the jammies either, you can use plain cotton if your doll needs something a bit more summery, or very soft linen. 

It is a simple pattern, like all my patterns, but the results are extremely sweet. The pattern comes in sizes that will fit dolls made with the Little Fig doll pattern, Petite Figs of the 18" variety and Figlettes of the same size. You can read a full description of the doll sizes, with measurements, on the pattern listing. Just click on the button below and you can read more.

JimJams is a doll clothing pattern that helps you create this beautiful set of clothes for your waldorf or natural fiber art doll. via Fig and Me. 

While I won't be so bold as to promise all my patterns will be available in most of the many sizes of dolls I make, I will try my best to at least include a few variations from now on.

Like with everything else, I always start simple and build from there.

I started producing extremely simple knitting patterns, then I went a little bit further. Then I made a simple dress with a bonnet for you all to sew for your figlettes, and now I am giving you pattern pieces and instruction for slippers, circular collars, set in sleeves, raglan sleeve tops and pants with pleats and pockets and what not. Even adding embroidery to some of my designs.

Both the JimJams and the Bunny Slippers patterns are now available. You can make a matching set of pyjamas and cozy slippers for your waldorf or natural fiber art doll. By fig and me. #dollclothing #sewingfordolls

Life as a doll maker and as a creative fun producer is very interesting. I was so terrified of publishing patterns, then you all received them with such welcoming hands, and sent me photos of everything you make, that you keep giving me strength and courage. It's the wheel of life I truly believe it. 

I put something out there based on requests, questions, and the interest you all show me, you take it in and make something with it and write me the most beautiful emails, and then in turn I get inspired and excited and produce something else. We keep this going and we are all nurturing each other, nurturing our creative muscles.

So thank you. I hope you take the JimJams with as much love and care as you've taken everything else and that many dolls receive a lovely set of pyjamas from your hands this coming season. Don't forget to show me!.

If you are interested in finding more information about doll clothing, you can visit this post where I share many free tutorials and shop owners who can help you get your doll dressed in style, or links to patterns to create your own.

Best of luck to you, as making things for your dolls, or your children's dolls, is unending fun and very rewarding. I wish you a well-threaded sewing machine, sharp scissors and a steady hand.

Rúna and her dreams. A natural fiber art doll ready to play.

Rúna and her dreams. A natural fiber art doll ready to play.

Winter and Mori, two natural fiber art dolls ready to play.

Winter and Mori, two natural fiber art dolls ready to play.