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Bunny Slippers Pattern and a healthy discount.

Bunny Slippers Pattern and a healthy discount.

Please drop by the shop today Nov 27 to enjoy 30% off on all my patterns with a special coupon!. But first, let me tell you about the latest one added to the roost.

The Doll Bunny Slippers pattern is now available for your sewing hands. You can find it on http://figandme.etsy.com

As I promised last month, I got busy creating the pattern for the wool felt bunny slippers, and decided to offer it in several sizes. When I do something for the figlettes, you always ask: "Does this fit the Petite Figs?" and so on, so this time I wanted to offer it for "most" of my doll sizes and patterns.

The patterns included will fit the dolls made with the Little Fig Doll Pattern (14" tall doll), which have feet about 1,5" long. It will also fit the ones I make with my private pattern (which are around 15"/16" tall and have feet about 2" long). And it will fit all Petite Figs (18"/20" tall) with feet 3"  long, as well as Figlettes in (17"/20" tall ranges) with feet about 4" long. 

As you might already know, all my doll patterns have not just different size of feet, but also their feet shapes are different. So I had to draw and test different shapes to accommodate their little feet. 

I am extremely pleased to be able to offer this in different sizes and to boost morale, I decided to offer a 30% discount on all patterns today only (no minimum purchase required!). So if you want to give this little pattern a go, today is the day to buy it. Please use the coupon: WELOVEDOLLS at checkout to receive the discount. 

Also, if you were on the fence on buying any of the other patterns, well today you can get everything at discount, and perhaps use that little extra cash to buy supplies, right?.

I really hope you enjoy making these sweet slippers. They are very simple to make, so a beginner can definitely make them if they are careful and sew slowly. Also, taking the time to do embroidery bits always add extreme charm to your doll clothes and I really love adding it to my patterns.

If you make them, don't forget to show me! You can email me directly or tag me on Instagram or Facebook. I would love to see this made for many dollies out there. 

Make your dolls a pair of wool felt slippers with the Bunny Slippers pattern by Fig and Me. 30% discount with special coupon today only! #dollmaking #sewingfordolls

Peace out. I have to go and feed Aelfreda one more time and then it's photoshoot time!. Be right back. 

When the root babies go back to sleep.

When the root babies go back to sleep.

Aelfreda: waking up.

Aelfreda: waking up.