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Little Topsy, a Wee baby for a good cause.

Mr Topsy, a wee baby by fig&me

Running around, and around, and around. There seems to be too much running around. Topsy dislikes running, he is more of the contemplative kind. Made with pure and soft cashmere, and stuffed with wool, he has a predilection for the cozy kind of activities. Picnics being his very favourites.

Topsy, by fig and me

A little picnic, by fig and me

Topsy carries his picnic blanket, by fig and me

Knowing such predilections I decided to make him a little four-patch en-point patchwork blanket, with some little tea-dyed stitchy bits for added chic, a few macarons and a little croissant. All breakfast material. Or proper for elevenses. Little Topsy is a Wee Baby of the 8,5 inch variety, suitable for a child 4+ (due to the very small size of his play food), ready to meet adventure!. If you fancy long afternoons under a shady tree, with a nice blanket under you, a fat book, and some nourishment to gobble in between pages, then Mr Topsy would be delighted to be part of your family.

Topsy and his wool fare, by fig and me

Topsy, a wee baby by fig and me

Topsy has been donated to a wonderful gathering of individuals, trying to procure as much funds as possible to donate to one of our own. Our friend Alexandra Boyle, doll  maker behind Angelique Angels, has undergone brain surgery and we are trying to send her some relief in the form of support and financial aid. All the items listed in this store have been kindly donated, some are being sold via auction while others are listed as "buy now". Mr Topsy will be added to the roost soon, once we give the organizers some time to put his listing up, and hopefully he will find a home of his own, and in return send some little bit of help to Alex and her girls. Thank you for taking time to read this, and if you do participate, thank you again. 

**EXTRA! EXTRA! Little Topsy has a listing of his own! You can participate over here. He is listed auction style, which will be open to bids only for TWO hours, starting tomorrow Monday April 13th at Noon EDT. I hope he brings someone a smile, and that we can alleviate some of Alex's burdens with our contribution. See you all tomorrow.

Me string of conkers.

Sofia Baby Set knitting pattern.