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Silly little flowers.

Cloth Figs by Fig and Me. 

As promised, I am taking it "slowly" when it comes to the Cloth Figs. After the madness that it was to create 25 of them last year, all in one go, I decided to offer them more regularly this year. They probably won't be happening every month, but I do promise to bring them into the spotlight often. Cloth Figs are still undergoing some design waltzes, as working with woven fabric and the dramatic difference from what I normally create in the doll realm, make them very fun for me to experiment. This time around we fatten up their legs, which also gave them slightly chunkier feet. I got rid of the dart in their neck and stuffed them a bit more so that they hold up to play longer. They are still soft and squishy, but there is definitely more wool in there. 

Little Poppy  by Fig and Me. 

Little Pansy, by Fig and Me. 

They are all wearing a very fancy cotton print made in Korea, which has these beautiful birds, laces, rain drops and clouds. I thought it so appropriate for them, fun and playful little girls. Pansy stole a fancy knitted capelet, while the rest got a funky ribbing knit from the stash, to protect their cold shoulders. A pair of snazzy melton wool boots and sweet polka dotted undies and they are all set to find their paths in life. 

Little Petal, by Fig and Me. 

Little Petunia, by Fig and Me. 

Little Peony, by Fig and Me. 

These five little sisters will be ready to find a home tonight Tuesday Jan 20 at 10 PM EDT in the store. Their price will be $265 USD plus postage, taxes applicable to Canadian residents (billed separately). I hope it is not too long before I see myself tracing their sweet little pattern and dreaming out new crazy things to do with unravelled linen. Hope to see you there tonight!. 

On how she found me.

Sweet Baby Anjo, a winter baby.