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The light.

Oh, I got lucky today. So, so, so lucky!. And I knew it the moment I stepped outside to take photos of my girls. The temperature was cool and perfect; the air charged. But the light, oh man! the light was the stuff of dreams. The perfect pink and soft light that imbues everything with so much prettyness that you almost just want to drench yourself in it.

Miss Apple up there was the second to be photographed, first was Strawberry. And you will see the progression of the light. From warm and special with Strawberry, to pink and hazy with Apple, to slightly cooler with Lemon. You will see.

Once I checked the photos of Strawberry, I knew I had little time, so I went ahead and prompted Miss Apple to be quick! Come on, I know you love cascading braids just like Strawberry but we are running out of time! We need to step it up a little, do you mind if I just tie your hair on the side? She agreed and off I went, snapping photos of her with glee...

Look at those perfect flares! I almost want to cry! I remember when I met my darling friend Ella in Vancouver. I had always admired her simplicity in photography and the brilliance of her composition. When we met and talked life and dolls and children, we talked a little about photography. Back then I had a simple point and shoot almost good for nothing. She told me to get a DSLR, that the camera I had was good for the kids! I laughed. But I agreed. The following summer I was lucky enough to receive the camera I now use as a gift from my husband, and boy it has been a long and painful, albeit fun, journey. I now shoot completely manual, and while I still have tons to learn, at least I know how to recognize when I am getting lucky! Speedy fingers Fabiola, speedy fingers!.

By the time it was Lemon's turn we didn't even get to tame her savage hair. She didn't care as she has a bit of a wild streak, so we moved on. I think Lemon's delicate gaze tones down her vibrant personality. "You will see, you will see!", I kept telling myself while I tried to position myself in the best corner, to grab the light in the best angle, to not let Lemon get dirty or tired.

So as you can see the magical light was dying, and we had very frosty fingers and a pack of geese all around me. Some of them have goslings and they can be real mean, I didn't want to have to explain to the dolls while I was getting nervous. Being the curious dolls that they are I knew they were going to want to play or touch the goslings, and I just wasn't feeling it. So I tucked them under my elbow unceremoniously and proceeded to say good bye to the magical afternoon. A warm cup of tea should be awaiting I told myself, and I left.

Glorious magical light, we will meet again!.

Three Little Gingham Girls

Let it shower you.

Let it shower you.