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Bunny hops...


One little bunny, wanted to find a friend

hopping and scouting, off he went.

Dear little bunny,

would you be my buddy?

Of course! said the Wee Bunny.

They became best pals.

Just a wee note, to let everybody know that I am preparing another batch of Wee Babies. I will try to make a few more bigger ones, as you all were quite taken with the size and addition of a sweet nose. My update  of Wee Babies should be ready for take off by the very end of next week. At the moment I am working, on and off, on the pretty rag dolls that constitute my new line of dolls called Cloth Figs. But not to worry, I will introduce you all properly as soon as the ladies, and their personalities, are ready for their soirée. Now I must run, and take the humongous bed of Louna to the post office, and go and hang out at our local library. See you all soon!.

PS. The little ceramic bunny is a wee salt shaker that my girls got this past Easter. It is our tradition to build a little nest outside in the yard, with twigs and moss (make it cozy for the Easter bunny) and in the morning we all wake up to a fantastical array of little chocolate eggs and little presents, such as these. One girl got the salt shaker, the other girl the pepper one. Together, they have been helping the girls eat their supper, but above all, they are the best accompaniment to the hard-boiled eggs they eat at lunch.

Introducing, Cloth Figs.

In the garden of Mary Lennox

In the garden of Mary Lennox