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Anne Sophie

Of course that is  not her name, but she does possess a whole lot of it. This morning she decided to pull all the strings on me to convince me to let her go outside. Looking longingly through the frosty window, which made her almost painful to look at, she contemplated the little girls that were busy making a snowman outside.

Play clothes

But I want to...

But you don't have a coat, or mittens, and those shoes are certainly not appropriate to romp through the snow. You are going to get wet and cold and you will be miserable. I tried to remind her of the unkindness of Father Winter when one goes outside with no layers, but she still grab her hat and pointed at the door.

A doll outside

Alright, alright! But just for a little bit (said the woman still in her pyjamas), let me just get my galoshes (because I can't seem to find my snow boots) and hopefully no neighbours will be outside just now. What would they think of me? A slightly deranged woman, in night clothes, sitting a doll in the snow? One must keep at least an ounce of decorum and so I grabbed a coat. Anne Sophie seemed oblivious to my morning predicament (it is still early at noon on Sundays, right?) and she gave me one of her best smiles.

Anne Sophie

Outside Play

Lucky for her she will live in the land down under, where no snow will tickle her nose. So I had to let her play for a little bit in the white stuff, and we both came in a little bit rejuvenated by the cold. Now, on to finish her party dress that time is of the essence. I hope you are enjoying the beginning of the winter season, because snow boots or not, I sure am!.

With hook in hand

Winter Greetings!