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With hook in hand

Miss Anne

I seem to be making quite some progress, although today was a total write-off in the working department. My littlest girl and I got to spend awesome snuggle times reading three different versions of The Nutcracker. We both agreed at least on one thing: the version illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger is our favourite. We are big fans of her work, since we have her illustrated version of the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. It prompted many questions, and we had to watch a few videos of the ballet renditions (she seemed rather confused about the change of name from Marie to Clara).

Crochet madness

In between bouts of peanut-butter sandwiches, mail escapades, some light snow shovelling, and what not, I did get to crochet tidbits of this or that. I even managed to snap a few photos while there was still light! Major success on my behalf. Some days are just so good like that.


So for now, I retire into my cozy sewing nook, and work some more on these little fellas. With some luck I will be able to introduce them tomorrow or the day right after. Björn and Cetan-Nagin are almost ready to start their escapades of mischief and valiant thundering. With a bit more luck, we might be able to see a little samurai and a mongolian rider by the weekend. Cross your fingers!

Björn, a lovely viking.