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Winter Greetings!

Wee Winter Babies
Yes, yes! I know it is not Winter, not officially yet. But we gotta be ready people. I simply cannot wait for the first dusting of snow to turn my world white and frosty. Truth be told, although I am a hundred percent a fall-worshipper, I do also relish the wintery scenes. Just don't tell anybody. It's my best kept secret, that coming from a land of infernal heat, I love and appreciate the snow, the cold, the red noses and all the warmth that one has to create in order to face King Winter.

Wee winter babies

I have been busily working away, spending my afternoons (and many nights) with needle in hand, soft music on the background, and some cozy little wee babies on my lap. We have come to finish them just in time, and they will soon hop out to their respective families. I am happy that I got a chance to work on more of these soft dolls, as they are very fun to have around, and also tremendously calming for me. I needed some quiet, hand-sewing time, turning little footsies up, making little ears appear, embroidering tiny eyes.

Soft and cuddly

This freshly-baked batch of heart-warming critters will be ready for their stellar Etsy debut on Friday November 23rd at 10:00 AM EST. Price is $58 USD plus postage. Photos of the little softies in my Gallery (in a little bit). I hope you can take one home, I won't complain if one or two go missing from the update and decide to stay with me. No! I won't do that I promise!


And this week's happenings...