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Smug as a bug

Miss Roberta Joanne

I keep telling her to stop it with that face...to no avail. She is smug as a bug. Doesn't care and goes and winds up all the girls in the sewing room (including little Elfo who is still being a pest and hiding my scissors). She is so bratty. Today she almost made Mattie cry! Kept bragging about her pink pom pom. I had to sit down, with her on my knees, and while giving her something sweet to eat, tell her a story about a little squirrel who never listened or paid attention to others, Mr. Squirrel Nutkin. I think she was very impressed with the story and so she stopped bothering Mattie.

Fall outfit

Oh, but I have failed miserably to introduce this little squirrel, haven't I? Well, without much ado, here is my little BobbyJo, an 18" Figlette who is a very unusual cookie. Not only in personality, but also she is sporting a set of puffy smug lips. Last year, when I started designing the Figlette, and I made little Louise, I kept having the recurring idea of the lips. I tried them again with Mariana, but wasn't very happy with the elaborate look of them, so I dropped it for a while, and then I made Eva and royally messed her face while trying to do her lips. So I kept it simple, gave her my traditional pouty lips and off I went. Now, I wasn't planning on giving BobbyJo lips at all, but being the crazy monkey that she is, she nagged and nagged until I gave in. And I think this time we have a winner, I am kind of very smitten with her lips. Because instead of sculpting them on the outside, which creates nightmares with the stretch of the fabric, you sculpt them under and it gives them a much softer look. Don't expect lips on all the dolls, but you will see them every now and then, especially on the smug ones!

Soft lips

Oh, by the way, her real name is Roberta Joanne, but we call her BobbyJo because she is so funny. She keeps cracking them jokes and every now and then, makes some rather mean comment that leave us all wondering what the heck is going on in that wee head of hers. A cracker jam, that's for sure.

Now I guess I better go and make a pom pom for Mattie's hat. The poor girl was in such a state with the teasing this morning. She looked pretty sad, and we had to play for hours before she started smiling again. Now, don't mind me, I am actually "at work" when I play with my dolls. What a life!

Loving the Fall

Little Miss Mattie