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Loving the Fall


Mathilda is a Fall child, most definitely. Just like her little sister BobbyJo, they both love the crunchy leaves, the smell of pumpkin and spice. They like to help cranking the apple peeler, and drool at the idea of a bowl full of warm applesauce. Even though they have their quarrels, and mostly is just BobbyJo being a terror to her sister, they enjoy cuddling each other, and I find them sitting together most of the time.

Mathilda in grey

Getting ready

Knitted love

Today the early Fall rain has stopped. It is a glorious day outside, and the girls and I, and the dolls too, long to go for a long walk under the warm sun. Donned in cozy hand knits, with chapeaus and boots, cardigans and oversized buttons, we shall stride outside. But in the mean time I am cherishing staring at these two dolls just for a little longer, knowing that they both too will leave this cozy nest soon.


As we prepare for a busy weekend ahead of us, a birthday in our little family, celebration and good food ahead of us, I am also crocheting boots and adding buttons. It is all so marvellous to me, how I get to play with so many dolls, to see them "grow" and to know them as I work on them, this what I call work. And to have the ability to stay at home and play with my little girls, to make presents for them, to bake a nice loaf of coffee bread to savour as an after-school snack. Perhaps these are very romantic sentiments, but the Fall always brings the best in me. I love it.

Little Fall sisters

BobbyJo, a natural handmade doll

Smug as a bug