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BobbyJo, a natural handmade doll

BobbyJo, a handmade doll

So we are finally ready, her and I, to say our good byes and find her a new home. A new home who is not scared of her shenanigans, of her antics, jokes and her scattered sense of humour. BobbyJo is a character, that is for sure. She can be a little mean, but only because she is little and blunt and doesn't really know how her words can affect others. She feels awful right after and will smooch you and hug you and try her best to make you feel better.

Bobby sitting
BobbyJo loves to play outside. There is no other activity she enjoys more than playing pretend at the park, using a leaf as a mask, trying to catch the busy squirrels she encounters,  or picking up acorn caps from the floor as she happens to find them. She can stare at acorn caps for hours, tell you stories about the acorn they come from, and let you know all about Fall and its special treats. BobbyJo loves the Fall, as is the season she was created and she really feels snug as a bug during these months.


BobbyJo would love to find a home to belong to. A special place in this world to call her own. A special spot to sit and observe her surroundings. A special friend to play pranks, to tickle and to tell stories to. She has mentioned something about needing a comrade, perhaps you can offer her a stuffed toy or a teddy bear as a token of your appreciation. She loves teddy bears and chats with them for hours. BobbyJo likes to make soup for them, also likes to dress them up for play.

Uppity nose
Collar detail
This pouty doll is made with all natural materials, and she stands 18" tall. She is very thin and small, and more appropriate for a child 5+ than can indulge in more engaged doll play. BobbyJo has been created with cotton fabric, and stuffed with wool. Her hair is wefted mohair in a chestnut colour, it is very sturdy but a bit unruly. You can curl it, or braid it, as it is quite long. She has ears with tiny earrings, and a fabulous fall outfit. Her face has been embroidered, and her little lips are sculpted to give her a sweet pout. She is wearing a cotton top, with release tucks, ruffled collar, and two plastic buttons on front. She also has a pair of linen baggy pants, with ribbing cuffs for coziness and elastic waist. Her shoes are made with wool yarn and close with wooden buttons. Her cape is very squishy and is also made with wool, and a large button. Her hat was knit with a mix of llama/wool, is very fuzzy and it gives her the sweet touch. She loves her hat, and brags quite often about its pink pompom.

Fall outfit

If you happen to think that BobbyJo is the right doll for you or your family, please leave a comment in this post with your name, email address and country of residence, so I can notify you in case you are selected. Our family will select a name at random when the time is up, and then I will send you a paypal invoice for the payment. Her price is $385 USD (slightly increased price due to the knitted items) plus postage. We will keep the comments open until Saturday October 20th at 10:00 PM. Thank you for reading about BobbyJo and good luck to those who wish to bring her home.

Thank you kindly for wishing to bring BobbyJo into your home! I have already notified the selected family and will wait to hear from them. If all goes well, little miss personality will get to go and meet her new home soon. My internet is being extremely wonky and it is taken forever to update this post. Thank you again!

Where it all started.

Loving the Fall