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Little Miss Mattie

Good morning!
Or should I be introducing her with her official and royal name? Well, I better do it properly. Her royal highness, Miss Mathilda Cupcake, Princess of the Land of Soft and Plush. At your service. Giggle twice. Every time I say it.


Mattie awoke this morning feeling very refreshed and rested. I would feel the same if I had had the ten hour sleep she did. Some little dolls are very lucky like that, their Mother creator lets them sleep as long as they want, lets them take their time to decide proper clothes to wear, or in this case, lets them romp around the house in their undies and hat, and "nuffin else".

A custom doll for Suzi

Miss Mattie is a custom doll I have been having the sweet pleasure of getting to know these last few days. She takes after her real mother, Suzi, in the sense that she is very precocious and curious about life. She already knows a bit of yoga, and has learned to read from Emma (Eva doesnt want to grab a book to save her life!). She is still a bit of a mystery to me, as one day she is a total princess, and the next day she is a little bookworm, wrapped in blankets and surrounded by gingerbread cookies and a cup of tea. So we had a bit of a struggle with her clothes, which are now coming along just fine.

Naked beauty

I plan on letting Miss Mattie play a little longer in her undies, and then I will take her out for a stroll. Hopefully she will agree to wear everything I have made for her, although I have to say her hat is a hit. She loves that thing. Anyways, just thought I should come and introduce her to you. Now I better go, I hear some bickering in the sewing room...BobbyJo must sure be causing trouble again. That girl! Be right back.

Smug as a bug

Happy weekend!