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Happy weekend!


I just wanted to come and quickly thank you all for the kindness you keep bestowing on me, and the work of my two hands. Thumbelina's auction went superbly well, and if everything goes according to plan, she should be going to her new home early next week.

A doll bed

Her soft locks

I also wanted to come and brag a little, as I am having too much fun styling doll stuff, and taking photos. The light these days is beyond glorious, and there is so much around me to photograph. Miss Cupcake, my next custom doll, is almost ready for some sneaky previews; Miss Bobby Jo is getting dressed too, and I have so many dolls in my studio playing with me that I just feel very lucky and inspired. Expect more fancy photos next week.

Doll clothes

Thank you to all who placed a bid on this sweetie pie. I am already working on the next Story Time set, two dolls that go hand in hand through a dark forest and find an unexpected sweet surprise. Do you know who they are? Happy weekend my friends!

Little Miss Mattie

Thumbelina, and her wee bed