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Thumbelina, and her wee bed


Miss Thumbelina decided that she had enough clothes already. I tried really hard to convince her to wear shoes, but she refused. Said it makes her feet very hot and that she feels more comfortable with her wee toes out and about.

So please, put aside the missing shoes, and go take a look at her. She is ready to go to a new family, who will indulge in reading the fairy tale that inspired her creation. Thumbelina will be held for auction tomorrow Friday October 12, at 10 am EST and will finish on Saturday at noon. As usual, any amount received above the retail price, which is $240 USD, will go as a donation to Care.org Please follow the link to check out her auction site:

Thank you so much for helping me support the work of Care, and for bidding on this sweet little doll. I will be back next week with Miss Bobby Jo, who has a wonderful smile to share with you all.

Happy weekend!

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