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Dreams of Caraway seeds

This morning I went to open her windows and let the sunshine in. A slightly cooler morning, and the absence of bird chatter was the greeting from an open window. Our resident chipmunk was hard at work, collecting and gathering the supplies for the long winter slumber. And on the bed, a sleepy doll with sleepy eyes.

--Wake up, sleepy head! The Sun is up, and so should you.
--Huh? she said.
--Come on, little girl. Let's get you out of those jammies and make you a nice breakfast.
--Not yet. I am still tired.
--Tired? You cant possibly be tired. You have slept in! Come on, out of that bed and into the day I say.

--Could I get five more minutes? My bed is so warm and cozy, I really dont want to get up.
--How about you sit there for a little bit, and I go and make some toast for you.
--Will you make me toast with caraway bread? I think I dreamt about it. Caraway bread and also churning butter. It was a fun dream.
--Yup! I can make you that. Now churning butter might be an adventure for some other day.

While I went into the kitchen, she sat there, all by herself. Staring into the distance, day dreaming. Letting the warm sun tickle her arms and wake her up. She fluffed her pillow, thinking perhaps how wonderful it was to be able to go back to bed, but already feeling a little adventurous and perhaps even a little hungry. The smell of buttered toast made her spring back to life.

--I am up! she said, and I am hungry!!
--Good then, let's have some breakfast with the girls and see what we will do today.

*The day is busy for us, but nothing like some morning snack to make you regain energies, right? Miss Julia is still being fussy about shoes, so we will have to leave you for now. Time to go into the sewing room.

Julia, my Julia.

At Sunset