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Julia, my Julia.

I think she is ready to say good-bye to me. I have noticed little things, like she sits and stares longingly through the window, imagining perhaps what her new home would be like. When we are outside, she is very contemplative, and I often find it hard to grab her attention. Yes, I believe we have the case of the doll that is ready to leave this house.

Making dolls is such a journey. Anybody that has ever made one, a simple one or a more complicated one, can attest to the fact that you fall in love with them. With every single one. The longer you spend working on these little creatures, the more they tug at your heart strings, the more details you can see, the closer the attachment. And then, one fine day, they just let you know that enough is enough. That they are ready to meet the world and find their place and their own people.

Sometimes when they say that to me, I get a little mad. I feel a little rejected, like they don't want me to play with them any more. But why? Weren't we just having so much fun? Wasn't I cooperating enough and following your lead at every sewing corner, at every turn of the knitting needles? Why leave me now? But then I stop and remember, I did not make them for me. I made them for someone else. They need to "grow" and go and find a nice shelf or a fluffy pillow to rest against, they need the smells of a new house, and the laughter and words of other people. And I feel better,  because I know that there will be more dolls coming out of my hands, to play with me, if only for a little bit.

Julia is ready to meet her new family. If you have witnessed her blossoming, she is very pretty and smart little doll. She will come to you full of imagination and full of life. She is eager to start playing, to be tossed around, to be read to. I hope you welcome her with a nice thick slice of caraway bread, her favorite snack.

Julia is a 21" tall Figlette, made of all natural materials. She is made with love and care, and will withstand play. Her hair is a wig cap made of brushed mohair, than can be brushed and styled softly of course. She is wearing earring, which were sewn to her little ears. She is stuffed firmly with wool, and is very poseable and amicable.

She comes wearing several outfits. Her play outfit consists of a cotton chambray long dress, with lace overskirt and cotton trim through out. A linen blouse complements this dress. Her second outfit consists of a fancy linen dress, with short sleeves and buttoned back. The dress has a very long sash that Miss Julia decided to wear as a headband for her photos. Her shoes are made of wool and wooden buttons, and so is her sweet cardigan, with bell sleeves and oversized button. As a  last outfit, and just because she is such a sleepy head, I made her a set of night clothes; cotton pyjamas with elastic waistband, flutter sleeves and circular collar. A wee pocket was added per request of the lady in question. She is wearing cotton knit underpants as well, somehow we just didnt feel like taking photos of those. Ooops!

If you feel that Julia is a doll suitable for your home, please leave a comment in this post with your name, email address and country. 

This so I can contact you if your name is drawn out to proceed to purchase her (the country is so I can figure out the shipping quote to you). The price for Julia and all her clothes is $560 USD plus shipping charges. She is a doll suitable for a child 5+ (there are many buttons that can pose a choking hazard, and she is quite tall and will require an older child that can dress her).

Thank you kindly for considering giving her a home to belong to. Julia will be very happy to see where she will go! Comments will be open until Friday Aug 10th at 5:00 PM EST.
Good luck!

Wow! that was a quick and easy list to make :-) This time my eldest picked the name and I have already emailed the person who is to welcome this patootie of a doll into her home. Thank you lovely ladies who wrote offering your families and home for Julia to live in, all I can say is that maybe in the future another doll will speak closely to your heart and perhaps she will find her way to you. In the meantime I get to cuddle with Julia for a few more days, and then send her on her way. Safe travels little one!

We are back!

Dreams of Caraway seeds