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At Sunset

Julia is such a nice little doll. Today she decided, that donning her play clothes, she wanted to sit outside and watch the sunset. Such a special moment of the day. Special light, that slowly drifts away, blurring your vision and making you slightly sleepy and very grateful. I am a morning person but I have always loved watching the sun setting on the horizon.

Julia, like me, also loves to watch it. To feel the temperature go down, and the bugs and birds get quieter. There is a calmness, a peace, a coming together; perhaps is the realization that the day is coming to an end, and so your list of things to do, your errands are done for the day, time to settle down. To convene. To agree with life and let go.

Perhaps we should have put her pyjamas on for this photos, but Julia really liked this outfit I made for her. She has several names for it, depending on the activity of the day: fancy laundry outfit, berry-picking outfit, daisy dreaming outfit, churning butter outfit? Ok, now you are just being silly Julia. Stop it please, you are making me giggle. And when I giggle everything jiggles.

Maybe tomorrow I will surprise Julia in bed with a nice thick slice of caraway bread, a cold glass of milk and a daisy for her. Just for her. Do you have any special routine to wake your children up? Do you do something special in the mornings, on special mornings? Or are you a night owl, who cherishes the moment you make yourself a cup of tea and start your creative work at night? However your day goes, starts or ends, I think is always nice to sometimes just sit still and watch the sunset. Like Julia.

Dreams of Caraway seeds

Playing dress up