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Playing dress up

Julia and I got to play dress up today. The snotty Eva and her sidekick Emma chose to ignore us and they played tea party, all by themselves. We heard their giggles and every now and then something fell and everything was quiet for a little while, only to be interrupted by some more giggling.

Julia is at the moment with no clothes to call her own. Everything is in a big pile, in some sort of process (or limbo) but being the awesome lady that she is, she grabbed this knitted vintage dress from the doll basket and off she went, to pose for me a little bit.

Then she told me how much she loves to play dress up. She adores crowns! Lucky for her, my daughters are quite the collectors of crowns,  being the sweet princesses that they are, and Julia got to try many crowns today. I have to let you know I did not make any of these sweet crowns, they have all been gifts or trades with other talented dollmakers, whom I have the pleasure to call friends.

Crown Number One made Julia giggle...uncontrallably! I think because she truly felt like a fairy tale princess, with a crown much too small for her round head. But she still loved it. This crown is made of hand dyed felt, and was made by my friend Monika, the mastermind behind The Olive Sparrow.

Crown Number Two made Julia feel more like the birthday girl than a princess, but she loved looking at the linen ribbon, and place her hands many times over those wooden buttons. Good times. Thanks to my friend Ella, the creative genius behind Little Red Caboose, for such a treasure (we have about four of her crowns in this house).

Crown Number Three was such a pompous tiara that Julia felt very entitled and bossy. She started yelling things like "off with their heads", and I had to tell her that she was quite confused with her stories. Gotta remedy that soon. Anyways, we got rid of the tiara, and made a mental note to observe the children playing with it to notice any bossy-ness or pomposity arousing.

Lucky for Julia she found the right crown. Crown Number Four. Isn't it awesome when that happens? When you find that special pencil you love to use, or the nice scissors that should always be in one specific spot but somehow grow legs over night and move all over the place? Julia was smitten with this crown, again another treasure made by Monika. She liked it so much she tried to find all kinds of coordinating necklaces to complement the colors in her crown. She was a happy lass.

Now Julia has requested that perhaps I should stop writing about our shenanigans, and get to work on her clothes so she can be properly introduced and not just plop her about here like she has nothing to say. As you can tell, Julia although sweet and playful does have a quick wit about her. So, we will see you soon hopefully, with some more of sweet Julia.

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