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A spanish princess

Well, we are back after much packing and unpacking. I finally had a bit more time to sit down and talk to Ms. Rapunzel. We have big plans for her, as I haven't made a proper princess in quite a while. I probably shouldn't say that, since Brier Rose is going to read this and be very cross with me.

Anyways, the plans for Rapunzel involved lots of handspun hair at the beginning. But since her new Mom will be a little girl, we decided for something with less girth and weight. I haven't mixed brushed mohair with boucle in a while, and I can honestly say it usually doesn't work very well, but somehow Rapunzel is really digging her locks and is very happy with our choices.

After watching about a ton of flamenco documentaries (and feeling a bit homesick for Granada) we then understood that Rapunzel is a spanish princess. How wonderful! This idea came to me as I worked on her, but I had already sketched her dress and made a mock up pattern, so I was a bit unwilling to go with the flow. Stubborn as I am to really listen to what my dolls have to say we will have to wait and see. I can see little details of her now, with this new flavour and culture as inspiration. Don't expect polka dots or lots of ruffles, but definitely there will be some of the passion of el cante jondo.

And, because we almost cant bear the excitement, we are showing you a little peek of Rapunzel's brother, a sweet house-elf by the name of Elfo Tinderbox. I am seriously bursting at the seams with these two dolls. If luck grants my wish I will be able to work on them a lot over the weekend and properly present them to you next week. Elfo is patiently awaiting the time to grow his pointy ears, and for his clothes to be ready so he can tell you all about his life and adventures. These two custom dolls have been in the making for quite some time, but it wont be long before they start the beginning of their journey home.

Julia is still fussing about the right amount of white here or there, and she just cant decide on shoes. But don't hold your breath too long, she will be here too next week. Hope you enjoy your weekend, it looks like mine is going to be full of mischievousness and fun, surrounded by these three dolls who are making me so happy.

Playing dress up

And now for something completely different